Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, I grew up in a different musical environment than most.

From an early age I knew I wanted to pursue my love of music. After taking up piano at 6 years old, I soon began exploring different instruments like guitar, drums, and how to record them myself. By high school I was producing albums and composing music for short films. I also engaged the local music scene, performing wherever I could.


I eventually moved to Nashville, TN where I attended Belmont University to study Commercial Music, and my emphasis in composition cemented my passion for working in visual and interactive media.

Since then I have created custom scores for video games, short films, advertisements, documentaries, and trailers. Whether it's a lush orchestral piece to accompany a scene, a fun electronic pop tune to breath energy into an advertisement, or music and sound design that adapts to the action of a video game, I love bringing stories to life with a robust, powerful score.

When I'm not freelancing as a composer, I'm creating music and videos of my own on my Instagram page which you can check out here

My home studio may be Nashville, but my work is not limited to my location. I enjoy working with creators everywhere to make something fresh and unique. Need music for your next project? Let's work together.